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 We hope you enjoy our dogs as much as we do.   

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 This is our beautiful Annie "Elegant Year of Jubilee" with one of her babies...

now residing with Karen Benker of Karbit Poodles.

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Karbitts Zero to Sixty with dam Valentine owned by Yadda Poodles under LOVELY ladies

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vWD, hips, and eyes and NE testing has been done on my line.  All but Fireflame have been good;  she was fair.  and great-great-granddam to my line.  have never had a single case of bloat. 


Location = Primghar, Iowa, USA
Contact name = Rhonda Westphal
Phone No. = (712) 757-3500


NB: Elegant Poodles and all subsidiaries will NOT be bred to other breeds to PROTECT THE INTEGRITY  of the poodle; such as all the doodles, etc., so don't even email me to ask!!  I do NOT sell poodles to brokers, puppymills, backyard breeders or third parties.  

 Registered breeder AKC.  Breeding for solid colours in red, apricot and black since 1993.  Quality puppies sometimes available to approved homes. 


Banner: Annie with her pup - with permission Karen Benker